Halteman Brothers Building Contractors officially started doing business in April 1983. We started as carpenters by trade and grew to be able to coordinate and complete entire construction projects. Our original goal was to learn the proper construction techniques, to learn the proper scheduling sequence of a project and to learn the hidden costs and pit falls of a construction project. This we learned by being on the job on a day to day basis. Being on the job day to day we have a better understanding of the owners concerns and perceptions, also dealing with issues together promptly. Now that we have a better understanding of the construction side of a project, we as the business managers who estimate and manage the work, we can give more accurate quotes, manage your project better and more complete. These ideals may not be the least expensive but will help save some cost over runs and bad feelings between the owner and the builder at the end of the job. Leaving a completed project where everyone is satisfied creates a good relationship for working again in the future.

Our message is simple , we are builders who became commercial contractors not accountants and sales people who decided to sell building management services. Please give us the opportunity to use our experience and knowledge to demonstrate to you our quality, integrity, and respect to your next commercial project.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or to quote your next project.

Thank You for looking at us.

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